Nextalliance volt

Real Name: Casey Anderson

Affiliations: Next Alliance, New Rebellion (Former)

Other Aliases: Brian Farrell, Electrode

Relatives: Father (Franklin Anderson), Mother (Rosalyn Anderson), Sister (Amy Anderson, Born 1986)

Home: Melbourne, Florida, United States (Former: Long Island, New York, United States)

Birth Year: 1984

Death Year: N/A

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 160 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/European-American

Powers: Volt is an iotagen. He has the ability to generate a moderate quantity of electrical energy from his own body and possesses the ability to control both his own emissions and the electrical energy around him. By being near, or in contact with, electrical lines or generators, his powers increase considerably. Most recently, he has developed the ability to detect electrical energy currents and flows.

GSA Power Rating: Class 4 (Class 2 during Brithagorus Syndrome flares)

History (through 2000): Identified at the age of fourteen as a psion by the Collective, Casey Anderson was taken into the Haven Island School and taught to control his powers, forging close friendships with the Collective in the process. Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that he possessed Brithagorus Syndrome, which made him a danger to the other psions. He was dismissed from the school and returned home. His friends now aware of his nature, Casey was abandoned by everyone except his girlfriend, Donna Hildreth. Casey’s condition steadily worsened, and eventually he drew the notice of the Human Truth Campaign, who burned down his house and threatened his family. Casey’s family was defended by the mercenary Citizen, who helped to relocate the Andersons to Florida under assumed names. After an encounter with the demonic Echidna cured Casey’s Brithagorus Syndrome, he returned to New York to pursue a career as a super-hero and briefly allied with the New Rebellion. Upon the defeat of Echidna by the New Rebellion, Casey’s disease resurfaced, and he retreated to Florida in disgust, but not before meeting Knight Champion. That chance contact led to his inclusion as the fifth member of the Next Alliance. 

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