The official, spoiler-filled Timeline of the Omnigenos Chronicles.

1950: World War III Begins

1974: An alphagen determines that the President of the United States is a Breant sleeper agent.

1975: World War III Ends. Omnigenos forces of Earth secure a promise from both the Androgar and Breant Star Empires that they will not trouble Earth again.

1979: United Nations forms the Global Sanctioning Authority (GSA).

1980: GSA grants its initial 5 Charters (Alliance, League of Light, Northern Coven, Psionic Collective, Starteam)

1988: GSA implements Psion Protocol Act. Psionic Collective Charter revoked.

1992: GSA dissolves the Psion Protocol Act.

1998: Count Vorn's "Final Sanction" plan results in the revocation of the Alliance East and Alliance West Charters.

1999: The Androgar Invasion. The United States empowers a branch of the FBI, the Omnigenos Affairs Division (OAD) to grant U.S.-based Charters that operate independent of UN/GSA oversight. United Alliance formed and granted an OAD Charter.

2000: The United Alliance opens its own training program, the latest in a growing number of Omnigenos Schools across the globe.

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