Nextalliance heatfront

Real Name: Keth Van Doran

Affiliations: Next Alliance

Other Aliases: N/A

Relatives: Uncle (Batholomew Van Doran)

Home: Staten Island, New York, United States

Birth Year: 1984

Death Year: N/A

Height: 6' 2" (Combined: 7' 0")

Weight: 175 lbs (Combined: 260 lbs)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/European American

Powers: Heatfront possesses the combined powers of Keith and the robot Andros. Keith is an iotagen, capable of generating intense blasts of heat and super-heated plasma. Andros is a highly malleable, incredibly durable android who can shift shape into a variety of forms, withstand phenomenal damage, and possesses highly advanced computational networking capabilities. Together, Heatfront can fly with limited maneuverability and possesses incredible strength even when Andros is disabled or offline.

GSA Power Rating: Class 5

History (through 2000): Keith’s past is both simple and tragic. At the age of ten, he observed one of the many experiments of his uncle, the villain Hypothesis. He was profoundly affected by the energies being studied. This low-level cosmic radiation served to activate his omnigene, but the initial flare up of those abilities inadvertently killed his mother. Hypothesis placed him in a stasis pod from that point on, where he remained until early 2000. Hypothesis' robotic assistant, Andros, newly retrofitted with the alien Nu’rak omnigenetic regulator, took it upon itself to merge with the sixteen year-old boy. With that technology, Andros was able to restrain Keith’s heat powers within his own malleable form, thus giving both of them the chance at the ‘normal’ life that they craved. Since their combined escape from Hypothesis' laboratory in Staten Island, Heatfront has spent the majority of his time incarcerated in the United Alliance’s detention facility, but Keith's persistence resulted in his being named the sixth member of the Next Alliance. 

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