Nextalliance flicker

Real Name: Kaori Yamada

Affiliations: Next Alliance

Other Aliases: N/A

Relatives: Father (Naoki Yamada), Mother (Ami Yamada)

Home: Manhattan, New York, United States

Birth Year: 1985

Death Year: N/A

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 105 lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Race/Ethnicity: Asian/Japanese American

Powers: Flicker is a gammagen. She has the ability to collect and metabolize ambient kinetic energy, which she can then channel into the ability to run at fantastically enhanced speeds. She can also unleash this kinetic charge by making physical contact and triggering what she calls an ‘impact blast,’ which strikes the target with incredible force at the point of contact.

GSA Power Rating: Class 3

History (through 2000): Kaori lived a completely normal life, unaware of her genetic potential until the age of twelve. At that time, while in Central Park, Kaori became separated from her babysitter when the first wave of lawbots descended on the park to signal the Siege of Central Park. While isolated, Kaori was captured by roving agents of the mad geneticist Dr. Werner Beckert. She does not fully remember the details of her brief captivity, but it is known that Kaori was subjected to various experiments by Beckert. To Beckert’s short-sighted point of view, these experiments proved uneventful. After releasing the girl to return home after only a week’s observations (and the conclusion of the Siege that had provided him ample cover and fodder for his experiments), Beckert moved on with other experiments. Six months later, Kaori’s omnigene finally activated. Her affluent parents helped to conceal Kaori’s abilities for more than two years, but eventually she was caught using her powers in public and the fledgling United Alliance became aware of her. She was contacted shortly thereafter by the Allies to serve as the fourth member of the Next Alliance. 

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