Nextalliance challenger

Real Name: Laura Rollins

Affiliations: Next Alliance

Other Aliases: N/A

Relatives: Father (Parker Rollins)

Home: Long Island, New York, United States

Birth Year: 1990

Death Year: Unknown

Height: 5'3" (Armored: 5'5")

Weight: 140 lbs (Armored: 170 lbs)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/European-American

Powers: Laura is a baseline human. If she possesses an omnigene, it has not yet been activated. Instead, she operates a suit of powered armor designed by the Machinist (I).

GSA Power Rating: Class 0 (Armored: Class 3)

History (through 2000): Laura lived an ordinary life until the age of ten, when she and her mother were involved in a brutal automobile accident. Both Laura and her mother’s bodies were retrieved from the wreckage, and the bodies were buried. While Parker Rollins grieved for the loss of his wife and child, something else apparently happened to his ten year old daughter. Eight months later, Laura showed up, unconscious, at the door of the United Alliance Tower; she was physically six years older and claimed to be unaware of what had happened to her in the intervening time. Somehow, in this amnesiac time period, Laura made the acquaintance of a powerful etagen named Eventide and another young omnigenos, something of a local celebrity on the West Coast, known as Ms. Mega. Once Laura was in place at the UA Compound, it was only a matter of time before she was named the second member of the Next Alliance.

The Challenger Armor Edit

Description: Dark red in color with shining yellow circuit patterns.


  • Collapsible (Module is purse-sized)
  • Limited stealth technology
  • Advanced sensor arrays
  • Compact energy wings
  • Sonic blasters
  • Deployable energy net

History: Built by Dr. Anton Karn (Machinist (I)) in 2000 for Laura Rollins.