Omnigenos Wiki
Nextalliance catalyst.jpg

Real Name: James Young

Affiliations: Next Alliance, Think Tank (Former)

Other Aliases: N/A

Relatives: Mother (Evelyn Young), Sister (Carolyn Young)

Home: London, England

Birth Year: 1981

Death Year: N/A

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 145 lbs

Eye Color: Brown (Wears glasses)

Hair Color: Brown (Medium-Length)

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/British

Powers: Catalyst is a sigmagen. He has the ability to transmute any one substance into any other substance of which he fully understands the chemical composition. His power is more effective with physical contact, but he can perform minor transmutations at a limited range.

GSA Power Rating: Class 6

History (through 2000): James’s omnigene activated at the age of seventeen when he was abducted by a druid convinced that his abilities would enable the sorcerer to recreate the mythical metal orichalcum, which he required for an arcane ritual to wake Eresoth, the Core Dragon. The mystical aberrations unleashed by this druid in London drew the attention of the Northern Coven, who rescued the boy. While James continued to pursue his education and avoid becoming entangled in super-human affairs for some time after the druid incident, his mother became increasingly concerned about his safety. She enrolled him in a program she had seen advertised on television, Jackson Harmstead’s ‘Omnigenetic Integration Program,’ a project run clandestinely by the villain known as the Architect. As the first recruit to the program, James was unwilling to do the various tasks the Architect required of him, many of which were illegal, and fled in terror, finally going to the GSA’s British branch for assistance. He was then transferred to the FBI and eventually to the United Alliance for his safety. Officially, James is the first recruit to the Next Alliance project. James’s mother is not aware of his whereabouts and believes him to still be in the care of Mr. Harmstead and the Omnigenetic Integration Program. 


  • Psionic Shield (black plastic, pager-sized, thumbprint scanner, green light for on, red light for off)