Androgar (Alien Race)


Androgars are humanoid with red skin.


Notable Members


Since roughly the Earth year 1900, the Androgars had been at war with their stellar neighbors, the Breants. Both the Breants and the Androgars had several far-flung colonies, and the major hyperspatial transit routes that connected their homeworlds to their outlying worlds happened to intersect near Earth.

In the build-up to the start of World War III in 1950, the Breants had begun to establish a Breant military base on Earth and secure its strategic position along the hyperspatial corridor in the name of the Breant Empire. IN order to destabilize Breant efforts, the Androgars sent teams of geneticists to conduct experiments on the human populace.

It was the Androgars who first introduced catalytic agents to Earth that had the ability to activate the latent human omnigene. The Androgars intended to use this home-grown army to supplement their own military forces, which were less potent than those of the Breants, and their efforts intensified the war on Earth to global proportions.

In 1999, without obvious provocation, the Androgar war fleet descended on Earth, intent on wiping out the planet. The vast majority of the race's military assets were deployed in the effort, and destruction was intense.